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This study investigates Navala traditional houses, their constructability, and the apparent ability of its houses to resist cyclone hazards.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
Representatives from Government, the private sector, as well as development partners met last week for an urgent review of risk reduction strategies in the face of increasing disaster impacts on agricultural value chains in the region.
Pacific Community
In Fiji, the climate crisis means dozens of villages could soon be underwater. Relocating so many communities is an epic undertaking. But now there is a plan – and the rest of the world is watching
Guardian, the (UK)

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The creation of the NAP is the latest initiative by the Fijian Government in its quest to boost the resilience of the Fijian economy and of all Fijians.
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The policy is a key part of Fiji’s ambition for accelerated integrated and inclusive sustainable development. Disaster risk reduction is a top priority for Fiji and would be mainstreamed into all policies, plans and practice. Investment in disaster risk

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This document provides guidance for the Government of the Republic of Fiji and all Other Stakeholders present in Fiji, to consider planned relocation solutions for the affected communities1 as part of their adaptation strategies in relation to disasters

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This report seeks to inform development planning and investment decisions in Fiji. It pilots a methodology that can be replicated in other countries to assess climate and disaster vulnerability and design climate change adaptation and risk management.
World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the
This country profile for Fiji provides a summary of available evidence on climate hazards, health vulnerabilities, health impacts and progress to date in health sector efforts to realize a climate-resilient health system.
World Health Organization United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change