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La movilidad humana asociada a, o derivada de los desastres y efectos adversos del cambio climático viene recibiendo un interés importante en los últimos años en Centroamérica. Este informe contribuye a un mayor conocimiento de la evidencia sobre la

International Organization for Migration

This report aims to improve understanding of how flexibility can be introduced into the fisheries management cycle in order to foster adaptation to climate change. This work contributes to the overall scope of improving the resilience of fisheries

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters

This desk review recognizes the importance of evidence-based approaches to disaster risk management (DRM), and aims at evaluating gender-responsive disaster preparedness and recovery efforts in the nine CFR Caribbean countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Belize

World Bank, the

DRR Community in Belize

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This National Adaptation Strategy (NAS) and Action Plan aims to address the current and projected impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector in Belize. This strategy was prepared with specific adaptation measures to reduce the impacts of climate

Belize - government Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

This national adaptation strategy aims to address the impact of climate change on water resources in Belize, namely for agricultural, industrial and domestic/residential purposes. This strategy outlines five key adaptation actions, which include the

Belize - government Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

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