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Start Network is delighted to announce that Start Ready has officially gone live, protecting people in six countries against predictable climate shocks.
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This study aims to assess future changes in rainfall-induced flash floods and drought regimes in the Congo basin from the present day to 2100, using four selected extreme climatic indices as proxies to these two natural disasters.
Climatic Change (Springer)
Women harvest coffee near Lake Kivu, Rwanda
An innovative contingent finance and response mechanism can safeguard the farmers’ investment contributions and ensure that they have resources available to restart production in case of extreme weather events.
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La présente stratégie vise à prendre en charge la situation actuelle et optimiser la mise en œuvre de la gestion des risques de catastrophes au la République du Congo. La stratégie constitue le principal instrument de mise en œuvre de la vision et des

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Un plan mis en place depuis 2010 dans le soucis de rationaliser la coordination des interventions des partenaires actifs dans le secteur de gestions des catastrophes en République Démocratique du congo. Le mérite de ce plan est d'avoir réussi

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This policy document presents Zaire’s disaster risks and natural hazards, such as earthquake, volcano, landslide, flood and drought, and discusses institutional and legal framework for disaster management in the country. It provides comprehensive overview

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This climate risk profile is intended to serve as a public good to facilitate upstream country diagnostics, policy dialogue, and strategic planning by providing comprehensive overviews of trends and projected changes in key climate parameters, sector

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Ce profil donne un aperçu des problèmes liés aux risques climatiques dans trois pays du Programme régional d'Afrique centrale pour l'environnement (CARPE).
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