Capacity development on DRR themes and issues through formal training, online curses and webinars. Develop your skills with time-bound training events, or build your capacities with training courses available at any point.

Scheduled events

Recurring courses

This masterclass provides insight to some of the practical and operational considerations that both meteorological services and public health agencies may need to take when either developing or improving existing heat health thresholds for action.
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
This course aims to address these challenges by providing frameworks and case studies to support informed decision-making in drought management.
Duration 2hrs 10 minutes
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
The E-course is meant primarily for practitioners, but also open to students or otherwise interested people. It stimulates participants to think about humanitarian aid, DRR and disaster response in contexts where conflict is ongoing.
  • International Institute for Social Studies, Erasmus University of Rotterdam
How do children overcome hazardous experiences to succeed in life? What can be done to protect young people at risk from trauma, war, disasters, and other adversities? Learn about the importance of fostering resilience in children at risk.
  • University of Minnesota - College of Education and Human Development
This course explores trends and best practices to bridge gaps between federal and state and state and local governments, thereby creating on-the-ground results that help communities understand and address current and future climate impacts.
  • American Planning Association
Listen to an expert panel of designers, landscape architects, and policymakers share innovative, evidence-based strategies to reduce urban heat island (UHI), leading to improved health and wellness, mitigation of environmental impacts.
  • American Planning Association
This course addresses all stages of disaster management in a comprehensive and holistic manner; including pre-disaster preparedness and mitigation, rescue and relief in the context of disaster and post disaster rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery.
Duration 6 months
  • Global Relief and Development Mission

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