USA: Texas coldwave 2021


In February 2021, Storm Uri provoked cascading effects on critical infrastructure freezing grids and pipes in the US state of Texas and raising questions on systemic risk and preparedness to future extremes.

Severe weather is a primary driver of power outages. Weather-related outages alone have cost the country between $18 and $32 billion a year on average since 2003.
Earth Institute, the
The intense floods caused a disruption to state electricity company PLN's coal supply chain, which left around 12 GW of PLN's coal fleet with less than 10 days of supply.
Jakarta Post, the
Record-breaking deep freeze engulfed much of Texas.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
In 2011, freezing weather resulted in power outages and slick roads across Texas. In 2015, Winter Storm Goliath brought frigid cold and over 8 inches of snow in some areas to Western Texas.
Institute for Social and Environmental Transition - International
Bungled response will have consequence for finances, health and homes – and less privileged Texans will feel the pinch.
Guardian, the (UK)
With increasing wildfires, drought, flooding, and sea-level rise, we must make sure our water systems can continue to operate during such events.
Natural Resources Defense Council