New Zealand: Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes 2010-2011


A strong earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand, triggered a series of aftershocks, including an earthquake that resulted in multiple deaths in Christchurch.

Since the year 2000, only one city located in an advanced market economy has been severely impacted by an earthquake.
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The CES is the world’s second-costliest insured earthquake loss in history and supports the New Zealand regulator’s 1-in-1,000-year capital requirement.
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The Canterbury Earthquake Sequence (CES) began with the Darfield earthquake on 4 September 2010. Continual large and small aftershocks since that time have meant communities have cycled through repeated periods of impact, response and recovery. Scientific


The New Zealand Red Cross programme started after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in September 2010 and the 6.3 magnitude aftershock six month later, on 22 February 2011. Since then, greater Christchurch has been subject to thousands of aftershocks making

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This paper measures the longer-term effect of a major earthquake on the local economy, using night-time light intensity measured from space, and investigate whether insurance claim payments for damaged residential property affected the local recovery

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Research into Earthquake Commission insurance pay-outs after the Canterbury earthquakes shows that insurance types and timing affected whether residential areas and businesses were able to recover. Cash payments contributed more to local recovery than the managed repair programme, while delayed insurance payments contributed less.
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