How deforestation drives disaster risk


From landslide to floods, from drought to extreme heat, deforestation drives disaster risk.

Deforestation and construction were responsible for multiple landslides in central Vietnam last month, according to an environment official.
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Amazon collapse could soon mean the end of one of Earth’s richest habitats, leaving the rainforest destroyed by humans.
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Nearly 1.2 million Afghans have been internally displaced by natural disasters such as floods and droughts since 2012.
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Fires that burn the forest also hit crops and pastures. But farmers in the eastern Amazon are left with few good options.
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Landslides in Kerala have returned the focus to the geological sensitivity of the Western Ghats after the Pettimudi incident near Munnar.
Destroying habitats makes viruses and other pathogens more likely to infect humans.
Scientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc.