Timeline: Regional DRR institutions/initiatives

This timeline gives an overview of organisations and initiatives to promote, share knowledge, and coordinate disaster risk reduction measures at the regional and sub-regional levels. The list provides a survey of regional cooperation between states, scientific institutions and professional bodies focused on disaster risk reduction (DRR).

The timeline clearly shows that - already in the early DRR days - there was a substantial interest to set up well-established regional (or sub-regional) institutional hubs to address inter-state issues related to disaster risk reduction. Shared hazard characteristics, joint policy interests and the need to pool technical and material resources provided in many cases the impetus to transcend strictly national perspectives.

In some regions, this function was observed by institutions with broader regional cooperation mandates (e.g. OAS, SADC). In other regional contexts, organisations have as primary and specific objectives the promotion of transboundary disaster management or DRR collaboration (CEPREDENAC, CDERA, DMISA).

Mobilising regional or sub-regional efforts was perceived to give added depth and strength to national institutional capacity strengthening endeavours.

The below overview of examples of regional cooperation illustrates the diversity of these efforts. In some cases, these were focused on continent-wide settings, but in many instances sub-regional or even cross-regional collaboration was focused upon:


  • Central America (and the Dominican Republic): CEPREDENAC 
  • Caribbean: PCDPPP, CDERA , CARDIN 
  • Andean region: PRE-ANDINO
  • Caribbean & Latin America: CRID


  • Hindukush/Himalaya region: ICIMOD
  • Southeast Asia: ASEAN Expert Group on Disaster Management
  • Pacific: SOPAC, SPDRP


  • Southern Africa: DMISA, SADC
  • Eastern Africa: IGAD  

Europe: EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement, DIPECHO (Donor)

  • Central Europe: CEUDIP 

Arab world: PAMERAR 

Mediterranean region (southern Europe and North Africa): RELEMR

For a detailed overview of regional IDNDR Conferences and Initiatives, see: UNDRR, The Early Engagement of the United Nations in Disaster Reduction (1970-2000): a brief history (2022) (Chapter 7).

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