Press Releases

Maloe in Sweden.
Swedish coastal city recognised for its work to reduce the risk posed by rising sea levels, extreme weather and climate change.
Image showing air polution in Indonesia by large fires
Human activity and behaviour is contributing to an increasing number of disasters across the world, putting millions of lives and every social and economic gain in danger, warns a new UN report.
A new report warns extreme heat is set to cause devastating climate-related suffering in Canada, that if left unchecked, will surpass the 595 heat-related fatalities reported by British Columbia’s coroner in 2021, and 86 lives lost in Quebec in 2018.
Summit of the Etna volcano, Sicily
Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) has made it possible for the first time to precisely determine the volcanic signature of Etna. The method was able to identify seismo-acoustic volcanic activity and map hidden near-surface volcanic structural features.
TT Mission
Representatives of UNDRR’s Regional Office and the regional team of MCR2030 met with national and local authorities in Trinidad-and-Tobago and laid the foundations of technical support activities to disaster risk reduction and climate resilience.
Turkmenistan IWG for DRR
With the support of the European Union, the Government of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) convened a high-level meeting with the members of the newly established Interagency Working Group for Disaster Risk Reduction.
Call community engagement
MCR2030's Local governments and collaborators are invited to share good practices and lessons learned on local governments' engagement and Collaboration with their local communities for disaster risk reduction, climate adaptation, and urban resilience.
Question: What are the greatest challenges facing your city? In the past we have built immovable pillars for policy and normative issues by topic so it is a challenge to empower actors in different institutions. We have regional and global frameworks but we need to translate these to the city level and we need to find ways to finance them.
EFDRR in Matosinhos Portugal 25 November 2021
Governments across Europe and Central Asia have backed a roadmap towards preventing future disasters including new pandemics in the face of growing threats from climate change and disease outbreaks.
photo by BABAROGA/ Shutterstock
Barcelona, Greater Manchester, Helsingborg and Milan comprise four of the first six cities awarded as global Making Cities Resilient 2030 Resilience Hubs for climate and disaster risk reduction.