In this brief, the researchers issued recommendations on how to support the economic goals outlined in Rwanda’s Vision 2050 policy through sustainable water stewardship.
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The root cause of the crisis is a lack of access to water for communities and livestock. However, lack of water is an issue of limited access not water availability.
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Indonesia's push to build 57 new dams by 2024 could boost water storage and help with floods, but is causing new problems as well.
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After three years of extreme drought, the Western U.S. is finally getting a break. Mountain ranges are covered in deep snow, and water reservoirs in many areas are filling up following a series of atmospheric rivers that brought record rain.
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Professor Keith Musselman, who studies water and climate change at the University of Colorado’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, explained the complex risks rain on snow creates and how they might change in a warming climate.
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UN delegates reached an historic agreement on protecting marine biodiversity in international waters. The agreement benefits biodiversity and is an encouraging development as the international community scrambles to tackle the climate emergency
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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This Water safety plan manual provides practical guidance to support development and implementation of water safety planning in accordance with the principles presented in the WHO Guidelines for drinking-water quality. 
World Health Organization
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ICEM is now seeking to employ (1) a Natural Resources Management (NBS) Specialist and (2) a Water Resources Engineer (International) based in Hanoi, Vietnam, on a two-year renewable contract. The positions will have the following responsibilities:
Extremely hot days and heat waves will increase, floods and wildfires will intensify, agriculture and public health will be threatened and rising sea levels will encroach on Israel's coastline. Here is Israel's climate change forecast for 2050.
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A devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras.
While hard to track, we know from other cases that death tolls rise because of a lack of adequate medical care, clean water and shelter following disasters. These secondary crises can have devastating impacts, as past disasters around the world have shown
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