Urban water security in Asian cities is in decline, forcing them to find new ways to manage this prescious resource
Climate change is putting an enormous strain on global water resources, and according to researchers, the Tibetan Plateau is suffering from a water imbalance so extreme that it could lead to an increase in international conflicts.
Activists have long warned of “day zero” — the moment when the taps in this South African coastal city will run dry. Years of severe drought and municipal mismanagement have edged Gqeberha closer and closer to that reality. Now, day zero is nearly here.
Beyond Recovery
This report details a framework for a hurricane recovery made up of 30 courses of action consistent with the government of Puerto Rico's priorities. These courses of action address key opportunities for enhancing resilience in Puerto Rico's water sector.
There’s a misguided belief amongst some that climate change is “coming.” But, ask farmers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region who are witnessing more frequent droughts, and they will assure you that the change is well and truly here already.
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Moroccan farmer overlooking his heard of sheep on his fields.
A recent study reveals that for the sixth time, a new planetary boundary has been crossed: As a result of human activities, changes to the Earth’s freshwater cycle are now exceeding what scientists consider ‘safe limits.’
A little girl trying to open a water tap in Mexico.
Strict rationing has left millions of Monterrey residents without tap water for hours or days at a time, fueling long-standing anger over water concessions that favor big companies - including soft drinks and beer makers
The World Bank approved the Horn of Africa Ground Water for Resilience Project (HoAGWRP), a project benefitting from $385 million in International Development Association financing to boost the region’s capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
Sustainable development in a city
The survey seeks to collect water community views, experiences and proposals to inform the MTR SF, the Water Conference in March 2023, and the Political Declaration that will be adopted at the High-Level Meeting of the UN General Assembly on 18-19 May, 23