The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has issued an analysis of the persistent extreme drought, which started in 2019 and is impacting the La Plata Basin, the second largest river basin in South America and the fifth in the world.
Adapting to climate disruption means more detailed heatwave action plans, reductions in water use in some areas, and defences against bigger floods than today’s architects ever planned for.
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Ce profil donne un aperçu des problèmes liés aux risques climatiques dans trois pays du Programme régional d'Afrique centrale pour l'environnement (CARPE).
Wetlands in Latin America
The shift toward crisis management and recovery threatens to derail progress on crucial work such as alleviating poverty, providing sanitation and clean water, and protecting communities against climate change.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Headquarters
Forests help us in many ways. They preserve biodiversity, combat climate change, and even protect us from floods. However, quantifying the value of these benefits has been a challenge for many years.
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The Consultant is expected to do to following to achieve the objectives and expected outputs of this consultancy: meet with specific people, hold consultation sessions, follow up discussions (online or in-person) and gather specific data.
Two young women and a girl are busy washing dishes in the street of a village in Nepal
As groundwater depletes and climate change impacts strengthen, a rooftop system that catches, stores and filters rainwater is helping a Kathmandu Valley town beat thirst
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A focused analysis on infrastructure costs and adaptation opportunities, built around our modelling of climate-induced impacts to flooding, transportation infrastructure, and electricity systems.
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This WMO report explores the progress made by WMO Members in using climate services to address water-related challenges and highlights the gaps that still exist.