Women carrying water in Somalia.
The World Meteorological Organization has published its first State of Global Water Resources report in order to assess the effects of climate, environmental and societal change on the Earth’s water resources.
As a first edition of the annual State of Global Water Resources, this report shows how maps and a graphical summary of streamflow and TWS in river basins worldwide could look in regular reports on global water resources.
In this study, the researchers analyzed the process leading to evacuation while considering situation awareness errors in naturalistic decision-making using protection motivation theory, in the context of the July 2018 torrential rain event in Japan.
Harnessing Eastern Africa’s groundwater could be a huge benefit for a region struggling to slake its thirst.
Path through the RCA Pier Park, NJ, in front of the Philadelphia skyline
As regions around the world face record-breaking droughts, researchers are using seismology to track groundwater levels and show that sustainable policies reduce strain on aquifers.
Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Peru
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The LAC Regional Construction and WASH Adviser will be expected to implement the Construction Policy and Procedure, as per the workplan under the Global Construction Quality Framework.
Water butt in a garden of a house.
Earlier this year, southern England experienced its driest July on record. The drought affected many parts of the UK and grew so acute that Thames Water’s hosepipe ban will remain in force into 2023.
New study suggests while overall rainfall is decreasing, an increase in “high-intensity” rainfall has led to more water being stored deep underground.
Women eating together in Senegal in the traditional manner.
New research led by Penn State found that a lack of rainfall was associated with the highest risk of food insecurity in Tanzania.
As climate change accelerates, many countries around the world are increasingly facing the risk of drought. Water scarcity has become one of the major constraints of food production in the 21st century.