Social Impacts & Social Resilience

Urban Resilience to Climate Extremes in Southeast Asia
This fact sheet shows how the program aims to build resilience of urban communities & systems to current and emerging climate extremes, disasters and emergencies in selected deltaic & coastal cities in the Southeast Asia region.
Vector image on self-healing
In the past two years alone, Australians have lived through bushfires, floods, cyclones, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Is flood resilience planning improving- A longitudinal analysis of networks of plans in Boston and Fort Lauderdale
This report discusses how as climate change increases flood risk, there is growing recognition that the multiple plans cities adopt often work at cross purposes and encourage development in areas at risk of current and future flooding.
International Institute for Environment and Development
International Institute for Environment and Development
Creating resilient communities with medium-range hazard warning systems
This report discusses how resilience to natural hazards requires integrated risk management – from hazard identification and risk register, hazard warnings and risk communication, to preparation for and response when an event occurs.
Aerial view of hurrican aftermath
Research by Stevens Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon suggests that monitoring social media during hurricanes could help communities better plan for and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
Enhancing Community Resilience through Social Capital and Connectedness.

On the theme of Social Capital and Social Connectedness for Resilience, the committee identified three topics as being particularly important for natural hazard mitigation and resilience: (1) inspiring communities to create and sustain social capital and

Motivating Local Climate Adaptation and Strengthening Resilience

This report discusses how to help reduce the immense human and financial toll of disasters caused by natural hazards and other large-scale emergencies, the Committee on Applied Research Topics for Hazard Mitigation and Resilience has been charged with

Top view of a floating farm
To combat the problems of floods and irregular rainfall, the residents of Majuli, the world’s largest river island, are growing vegetables on rafts.