Risk Identification & Assessment

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This report fulfils the requirement of the Climate Change Act 2008 for the government to lay before Parliament a five-yearly assessment of the risks for the UK of current and predicted impacts of climate change.
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This survey aims to explore the probability of four catastrophic risks: space weather and solar fares, super-volcanic eruptions, high mortality pandemics, and misaligned artificial intelligence.
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This report, produced by the UNEP FI TCFD programme and ClimateWise, steps further toward the required systemic approach by exploring the combined financial impact of physical and transition risks.
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This study evaluates the economic benefits of the technology use to the farm sector in the Red River of the North Basin (RRB). As part of the Hudson Bay drainage system in North America, the RRB has been subject to Spring River flooding in the past century.
The United Kingdom’s poorer regions are particularly ill-prepared for the intensifying flood risks posed by the climate crisis, says a new report which describes the country’s serious lack of urban drainage as a “national resilience” issue.
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The Global Risks Report 2022 presents the results of the latest Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS), followed by an analysis of key risks emanating from current economic, societal, environmental and technological tensions.
How susceptible is Luxembourg to flood risk, what extreme weather events have occurred in recent years, and how may climate change impact on the country?
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This roadmap is aimed at preparing the ground for implementing risk-transfer solutions within an integrated flood-risk management approach for municipalities of GAMA (Greater Accra Metropolitan Area) in Ghana.