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This contributing paper explores the concept of vulnerability which, despite official definitions it argues, remains highly contested with regard to its conceptualization and operationalization.
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This paper addresses the visual communication issues with a focus on natural hazards which vary in time and space or purely in space. This study is a follow up of a previous study on the efficacy of communication of avalanche warnings.
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To investigate the effects of inequality on environmental risk reduction and disaster prevention programs, researchers in Brazil conducted an exploratory qualitative study focusing on visually impaired people.
For one Māori community, a board game sparked serious discussions about flood risk.
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A training module on inclusive, gender-responsible anticipatory action for effective disaster preparedness is being developed for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
This report presents the first case in Japan where a mosque, being the hub of foreign Muslims, was used as a vaccination site from the end of July 2021.
Natural Hazards Center
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El Sinae en coordinación con el Sistema Nacional Integrado de Cuidados hace foco en una población especialmente vulnerable en caso de emergencias: los adultos mayores.
This article explores the daily difficulties people with disabilities face in extreme weather, what policies and measures can support them, and how to engage them in climate change mitigation and adaptation in their daily lives.
Communities will use maps to inform efforts to combat extreme heat.