Human Mobility

Truck carrying hay on a road covered with water after a flood. Altai, Mongolia.
Climate-related disasters are driving increased levels of risks, vulnerability human rights abuses, disrupting livelihoods, increasing displacement, influencing the spread of diseases, worsening global public health and threatening lives overall.
Effect of individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and social support on willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides
This study investigates whether individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and perceived social support correlate with the willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides.
This collaborative report presents the latest research from across the globe on how persons with disabilities are affected by internal displacement.
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This Papua New Guinea country briefing outlines why events such as floods and earthquakes force thousands from their homes each year and shows how data can improve assistance as climate vulnerability and low development raise disaster risk.
In this study, the researchers analyzed the process leading to evacuation while considering situation awareness errors in naturalistic decision-making using protection motivation theory, in the context of the July 2018 torrential rain event in Japan.
Climate change is resulting in extreme weather events that force communities to leave their homes. The UN International Organization for Migration forecasts that up to a billion people will become climate migrants over the next 30 years.
Woman carrying a basket walking through the sandy desert with her livestock.
New report makes the case that inclusive development choices that reduce vulnerability and build climate resilience could enable people to stay in their home communities.
Local people and organizations who are most directly affected by — and often disproportionately vulnerable to — the impacts of climate change are often left out of critical decision-making processes to address them, such as the design of adaptation plans.
A Syrian girl at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.
The topics of this special issue cover crises of different nature and provides a platform for discussion from various perspectives, including but not limited to individuals and local communities, volunteer groups, community-based organisations.
Woman, displaced from war in Yemen, collecting fire wood
Individuals and communities who are displaced by the impact of conflict situations, such as internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees, are often found to be marginalised within their host communities.