Human Mobility

El estudio ofrece un análisis de los estándares y recomendaciones del Sistema Interamericano de Derechos Humanos y del Sistema Universal de Derechos Humanos, relacionados con la movilidad humana asociada con el cambio climático y los desastres.
As gasoline prices skyrocket in the Sunshine State, so does reluctance to obey hurricane evacuation orders, with a survey finding more than 40% of Florida respondents likely to put their pocketbooks ahead of their personal safety.
Cover of the IIED working paper
This paper presents empirical evidence on the links between climate change, migration and trafficking in two diverse areas affected by slow-onset and rapid-onset climatic events. It then unpacks the underlying drivers that policymakers should target.
As IIED launches new research demonstrating that climate change not only increases vulnerability but is leading to modern slavery, the chief executive of Anti-Slavery International reflects on the evidence so far and what needs to happen now.
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This paper presents a conceptual model of climate change and human mobility interactions. The model outlines possible pathways connecting climate hazards and climate adaptation with different modes of human mobility.
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim speaks
More than 30 million people were displaced as a result of disasters in 2020 alone, and this number is likely to rise with the mounting severity and number of climate-related extreme events.
Women carrying water pots on their heads, India
People fleeing extreme weather events such as drought are more vulnerable to forced labour than those migrating after floods and cyclones, report finds.
To support an effective implementation process, this report reviews existing policies and legal instruments on regional and national level governing migration in the context of disasters, climate change and environmental degradation.
A young boy walking across a refugee camp in Syria.
Recent years have seen a surge in people being displaced by disasters – often within their own countries. In 2020 alone, weather- and climate-related events led to more than 30 million people worldwide being displaced within their country.
GRID 2022  The Global Report on Internal Displacement
IDMC's Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) is the world’s leading source of data and analysis on internal displacement. The 2022 edition includes a special focus on internally displaced children and youth.