Human Mobility

This analysis draws primarily on the perspectives of people living in vulnerable locations and aims to improve policy and practice around climate-related migration within Solomon Islands and the Pacific region more broadly.
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Climate change is here. There's no ignoring it. Greater environmental pressures could force people to move, which would have knock-on consequences like conflict and instability.
In this study, the authors investigate (i) human migration flows and the influence of climate hazards on these flows and (ii) the benefits and dis-benefits of migration in supporting climate change adaptation.
Regional Environmental Change (Springer)
Research has shown that estimates and predictions of people displaced by environmental changes lack any empirical basis. Forecasting is challenging because many developing countries do not have the statistical capacity.
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Many migrate short distances inside their own countries to harness opportunities out there or adapt to shocks and stressors in their life
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The “People’s Pathways to Climate Action – Climate Academy” 2023 is jointly organized by UNU-EHS and Munich Re Foundation (MRF) in collaboration with the UNFCCC. The International Organization on Migration (IOM) is a special partner for the 2023 academy.
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This study aimed to investigate the extent of hospital evacuation preparedness in Thailand, using the main elements of the flexible surge capacity concept.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science
To offer people uprooted by climate impacts a better future, urban centres are seeking local adaptation solutions, including jobs
Neighborhood with colorful houses in New Zealand.
As the cleanup from the Auckland floods continues, and Cyclone Gabrielle hits already saturated parts of the North Island, many people and communities are wondering about the future of their cherished places and homes.
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This articleprovides insights and lessons from two case studies of unprecedented landslide-triggered tsunami risk in recently deglaciated areas that have not previously been described in the relocation literature: Iceland and Greenland.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)