Human Mobility

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This analysis assess the opportunities and challenges associated with utilising forecast-based financing (FbF) to expand anticipatory and early humanitarian action, based on the structured judgements of experts.
When hurricanes Eta and Iota barrelled into Central America in November 2020, they flooded towns and cities, caused catastrophic losses in the agricultural sector and contributed to food insecurity.
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This Toolkit is intended to provide concise, operational, and user-friendly information and tools to support partners to understand how migration can be reflected in development cooperation interventions.
This paper presents the findings of a case study investigating how disaster displacement affected zoonotic disease transmission risk following the 2010 ‘superfloods’ in Sindh province, Pakistan.
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In this paper, RAND researchers provide a framework for understanding how nation-states are developing policies to respond to climate migration and mobility.
Assessing vulnerabilities to disaster displacement A good practice review
This paper reviews current practice for analysing and assessing disaster displacement risks and presents recommendations on how to effectively integrate a detailed vulnerability analysis to improve operational decision making.
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This checklist is a companion tool to the Words into Action Guideline Disaster Displacement: How to Reduce Risk, Address Impacts and Strengthen Resilience (Words into Action on Disaster Displacement) .Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.
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This is the outcome of the virtual workshop series on developing a research and policy agenda for addressing displacement and migration in the context of disasters and climate change in Africa (April-July 2021).
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​​​​​​​This report seeks to respond to the knowledge gap on the specific vulnerabilities of children and youth within the context of climate-driven displacement and provide a new, child-focused perspective.
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This report documents the extent to which changes in weather patterns - both short-term and sustained - influence internal migration in the Philippines. The climate-migration nexus has been attracting increasing scholarly attention in the last decades.