GIS & Mapping

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has issued an analysis of the persistent extreme drought, which started in 2019 and is impacting the La Plata Basin, the second largest river basin in South America and the fifth in the world.
The agricultural insurance industry must accelerate its digital transformation. Providers' experience over the last few years shows that cooperation with tech companies and start-ups can significantly speed up the change.
Aerial view of flooded streets in Java, Indonesia (2021)
Developed by UN University with Google and other partners, free online World Flood Mapping Tool will help plan urban and agricultural development, effective flood defences, disaster readiness, identify supply chain vulnerabilities
Marine heatwaves during winter could have dire impacts on New Zealand fisheries and herald more summer storms
Marine heatwaves can have devastating impacts on ocean ecosystems. When they happen in summer, they usually receive a lot of attention. But those happening during winter, when the ocean is cooler, are often ignored.
Aerial shot of the gigantic city of Bogota, Colombia.
Aided by mobile mapping technology, Colombia detects buildings that may be vulnerable to disasters. Analysis aided by artificial intelligence can reveal earthquake-susceptible “soft-story buildings”.
View from space on Fiji in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean and its coral reefs
One of the smallest carbon emitters, Fiji was the first country to ratify the 2015 Paris Agreement. But the island country and its neighbours are experiencing the catastrophic effects of climate change unfolding in a fast forward mode.
The National Academy of Sciences has funded a project that will identify nature-based solutions that can address climate-induced flood risks bearing down on industrial facilities in Galveston Bay, Texas and limit future disasters.
DamageMap: A post-wildfire damaged buildings classifier
This report presents DamageMap, an artificial intelligence-powered post-wildfire building damage classifier.
Economic damages due to extreme precipitation during tropical storms: evidence from Jamaica
This study investigates economic damage risk due to extreme rainfall during tropical storms in Jamaica.
In brief, Risk Rating 2.0 moves the NFIP away from its heavy reliance on in-or-out flood zones, in particular in-or-out of the so-called “100-year floodplain,” and towards an individual assessment of risk for each property.