Fragility and conflict

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The GCRP Secretariat is seeking an Analyst with expertise in climate change adaptation (CCA) and fragility, conflict and violence (FCV) to support the FCV Group and GCRP program of work on adaptation in contexts affected by fragility and conflict.
Cyclists driving through flooded streets in Pekalongan, Indonesia (2021)
How can leaders address the interconnected risks that climate change, rapid urban growth and fragility pose to human security in cities?
Ethiopian soldier standing at a lake shore
Prolonged increases in temperature and rainfall increase the likelihood of conflict in Africa beyond the affected area by four to five times, a study carried out by a team from the INGENIO Institute shows.
Climate change is putting an enormous strain on global water resources, and according to researchers, the Tibetan Plateau is suffering from a water imbalance so extreme that it could lead to an increase in international conflicts.
This report explores the association between climate anomalies, population dynamics, conflict and organised violence in Sudan and South Sudan, at the sub-national level and for the years 1989-2015.
The Economic and Social Council began its humanitarian affairs segment today, exploring solutions that alleviate human suffering caused by growing hunger and displacement, compounded by the triple crises of COVID-19, climate change and conflict.
From a vicious to a virtuous circle
This report examines the link between climate change and modern slavery, and the challenges presented by environmental harms.
As IIED launches new research demonstrating that climate change not only increases vulnerability but is leading to modern slavery, the chief executive of Anti-Slavery International reflects on the evidence so far and what needs to happen now.
Olivia Nielsen Dave Hodgkin
The war in Ukraine will have cascading, long-term impacts – including a secondary environmental disaster caused by uncontrolled asbestos. In reconstruction, strategic planning around asbestos hazard management is needed to ensure a better, safer recovery.
Societal drought vulnerability and the Syrian climate-conflict nexus
This study uses satellite-derived cropland and climate data to study land-use dynamics in relation to drought and conflict in Syria, to show that croplands saw a fast recovery after the 2007–2009 drought.