Fragility and conflict

‘Every year, we have earthquakes and hurricanes in Haiti, and when the disasters happen, that’s when we start to prepare.’
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This paper aims to address the climate-conflict nexus, to share Mercy Corps learning and to make evidence-based recommendations on investments.
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This study by UNDP, the Climate Security Mechanism and the Nataij Group sets out to address the gap on contexts affected by conflict and fragility and their access to climate finance.
Presenting three case studies of resettled refugees living in different geographic locations across New Zealand, the authors outline six principles of disaster communications to improve engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse groups.
Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is in the process of transitioning from conflict. Sittie Rajabia Monato is the Gender-based violence (GBV) Working Group Coordinator with UNFPA on the ground.
As world leaders convened in Glasgow for the 26th annual Conference of Parties (COP 26), the correlation between climate change and conflict is receiving more attention.
Joint Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessments (RPBAs)
The Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment (RPBA) is a joint approach of the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Union to identify and address immediate and medium-term recovery and peacebuilding requirements while laying the foundations for the elaboration of a longer-term recovery and peacebuilding strategy in a country facing conflict or transitioning out of a conflict-related crisis.
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This publication examines the links between water risks (harmful outcomes related to water, from droughts and floods to lack of sanitation), conflict, and forced displacement.
With the world already 1.1C warmer than pre-industrial times, climate change impacts are deeply felt in communities across the world and adapting to them is deeply important.
As the upper corridor of South Sudan is overwhelmed by floods, the words on everyone’s lips - here we go again. Climate change is not only subjecting children to hunger, it’s also displacing families and compounding the impacts of violence.