Fragility and conflict

What was known: Weather forecast availability and communication in conflict-affected countries
This paper examines the efficacy of Early Warning Early Action in conflict-affected countries: whether global forecast models predicted historical floods in conflict-affected regions and whether forecast information was communicated for droughts.
Truck carrying hay on a road covered with water after a flood. Altai, Mongolia.
Climate-related disasters are driving increased levels of risks, vulnerability human rights abuses, disrupting livelihoods, increasing displacement, influencing the spread of diseases, worsening global public health and threatening lives overall.
New research shows how serious storm events - such as cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes - lead to the deterioration of democracy in island nations as political agents seize a window of opportunity that is a breeding ground for autocracy.
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This paper builds on existing work to identify ostacles, including discussions convened by the International Committee of the Red Cross (IFRC) and the World Bank on climate action in conflict settings.
A Syrian girl at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.
The topics of this special issue cover crises of different nature and provides a platform for discussion from various perspectives, including but not limited to individuals and local communities, volunteer groups, community-based organisations.
A young boy walking across a refugee camp in Syria.
IOM and IDMC invite members of the DRR community to comment on a newly created set of standard displacement-related metrics and indicators which will strengthen the ability of DRR actors to integrate displacement in their work.
29 Sep 2022
UN CC:Learn
This self-paced, online course unpacks the interlinkages between climate change, peace and security and explores opportunities for promoting inclusive climate action, conflict prevention and peacebuilding.
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Military man in dry area
The ICRC has explored how climate change can be relevant for combatants through its updated Guidelines on the Protection of the Natural Environment in Armed Conflict.