Community-based DRR

Locally-led planning by governments and humanitarian organisations, access to finance and risk data, and local actors’ operational readiness are all essential preconditions to ensure the effective implementation of anticipatory action at the local level.
Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction
African woman and a boy in a field
The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) and CDKN are pleased to announce a call for stories on community-driven and Locally Led Adaptation (LLA). These stories will be collaboratively developed and featured in a publication to be launched at COP28.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Mrs. Pham Thi Lien has lived in Tan Loc village for most of her life. When we arrived, she was hoeing the garden in front of her house with only one arm. She lost her other arm when she was eight years old.
United Nations Development Programme - Viet Nam
This case study, from Bangladesh, shows how simultaneously providing communities with hard evidence of capacities and needs while strengthening community-government relationships can lead to local government investment in resilience.
Flood Resilience Portal
Macquarie University research, conducted in partnership with Natural Hazards Research Australia, has used first-hand accounts of last year's extreme floods to provide vital insights on preparedness, response and the early stages of recovery.
Macquarie University
A group of fishermen hauling in their fishing nets.
‘We women depend on fishing along the coastline to provide fish for our families but most of our catch now are much smaller than the ones we caught here the past years,’ says Jennie Jenery, a villager from Efate Island in Vanuatu.
Green Climate Fund
Simex is the University's annual international disaster simulation exercise, which allow responders to practice their capabilities to be ready for deployment in emergencies of all types.
University of Portsmouth
An Indian farmer processes payments through his mobile phone
Bangladesh is vulnerable to devastating natural hazards which cause loss of life, destruction of homes and infrastructure, and widespread disruption. Digital innovations can facilitate increased resilience across a range of diverse contexts.
Flood Resilience Portal
After a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in 2011, communities in Higashi Matsushima City led recovery efforts and built a smart city.
Development Asia