Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

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Part I - Chapter 3
middle-income countries, which are not able to make the necessary investments in flood defences. Increased investment in flood risk management in these countries will therefore be a precondition for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
3.4 Small island developing states
at risk
Due to their size, location and characteristics of their economies, SIDS are particularly challenged by disaster risk. In relation to their capital stock, investment and social expenditure, they face the highest potential losses associated with several hazards.
Smallislanddevelopingstates(SIDS)24facedisproportionally high risks. For example, SIDS would be expected to lose 20 times more of their capital stock each year compared to Europe and Central Asia. Relative to capital investment or social expenditure, SIDS also top all of the regional risk rankings. Their combined AAL is equivalent to 10 per cent of their total annual capital investment, compared to less than 2 per cent in East Asia and the Pacific and around 1.2 per cent in Europe and Central Asia (see Figure 3.8 in Section 3.2 above). Similarly, the AAL in SIDS is equivalent to almost
Figure 3.22 Top 15 countries: Flood AAL in relation to social expenditure (excluding SIDS)
(Source: UNISDR with data from the Global Risk Assessment and the World Bank.)
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