Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

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Part I - Chapter 3
flooding, pluvial flooding and localized heavy precipitation (RMS, 2013

MS (Risk Management Solutions). 2013,The 2012 UK Floods, RMS White Paper.. .
). The UK government itself estimates that around 2.4 million properties are at risk of riverine and coastal flooding in any given year (National Audit Office, 2014

National Audit Office. 2014,Strategic flood risk management, Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Environment Agency. 5 November 2014.. .
Flood risk contributes US$104 billion to global AAL. To put this figure into perspective, it is equivalent to twice the public health expenditure in the Middle East and North Africa or 30 per cent of annual public education expenditure in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The countries with the highest absolute AAL are China, the United States of America and India. However, in relation to their capital stock, a different set of countries in South-East Asia rank even higher, with Myanmar, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Cambodia facing the highest relative AAL from riverine floods (Figure 3.20).
Relative to capital investment, many low-income and lower middle-income countries have high
levels of flood AAL in relation to their capital investment (Figure 3.21) because those countries have not had the capacity to make the same investments in flood defences as high-income countries. For example, the AAL for flooding in Myanmar and Somalia represents over 20 per cent of the countries’ capital investment. This highlights the importance of prospective risk management if new capital investment is to be protected.
The AAL from floods also represents an important proportion of social expenditure. Myanmar, for example, faces an AAL that is equivalent to around 200 per cent of its total social expenditure (Figure 3.22). Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Bhutan are all challenged with AALs that represent around a third of their social expenditure.
This means that floods represent a significant challenge to both capital investment and social development in many low-income and lower
(Source: Swiss Re, 2012

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Figure 3.19 “Flood hot spot” rankings in emerging markets
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