Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

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Advisory Board
Margareta Wahlstrom, Special Representa-
tive of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk
Laura Alfaro, Professor, Harvard Business
School, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA;
Wadid Erian, Head of Land Resource Stud-
ies, The Arab Center for the Study of Arid Zones
and Dry Lands, Damascus;
Priyanthi Fernando,
Executive Director, Centre for Poverty Analy-
sis, Colombo;
Virginia Garcia Acosta, Direc-
tor, Centre for Research and Advanced
Studies in Social Anthropology, CIESAS, Mexico
Michelle Gyles-McDonnough, United Nations
Resident Coordinator for Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur;
Michel Jarraud, Secretary General, World Meteo-
rological Organization, Geneva;
Randolph Kent,
Director, Planning from the Future Programme,
King’s College, London;
Allan Lavell, Coordinator,
Programme for Environmental and Disaster Risk,
Latin America Social Science Faculty (FLACSO),
San José;
Anthony Oliver-Smith, Professor, Uni-
versity of Florida, Gainsville, FL;
Ibrahim Osman,
Former Deputy Secretary-General, Internation-
al Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent
Societies, Geneva;
Aromar Revi, Director, Indi-
an Institute for Human Settlements, New Delhi;
Johan Schaar, Head of Development Coopera-
tion, Consulate General of Sweden, Jerusalem;
Cecilia Ugaz, United Nations Resident Coordi-
nator for Paraguay, Asunción;
Dennis Wenger,
Programme Director, Element 1638, National
Science Foundation, Arlington, TX;
Sandra Wu,
Chief Executive Officer, Kokusai Kogyo Corpora-
tion, Tokyo.
Coordinating Lead Authors
Bina Desai and Andrew Maskrey, United Nations
Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR),
Marc Gordon and Rhea Katsanakis, coordi-
nation of HFA Thematic Review;
Julio Serje,
Sylvain Ponserre and Vicente Anzellini, nation-
al disaster loss data and analysis, online
tools, graphs and maps;
Sahar Safaie and
Mabel Marulanda Fraume, global risk assess-
Kazuko Ishigaki, economic analysis and
Vicente Anzellini and Lucy Foggin,
research, references and case studies;
Meerpoel and Julian Templeton, research assis-
Frederic Delpech, production coordina-
tion and administrative support.
Global Risk Assessment
CIMNE and associates and INGENIAR (Alex
Barbat, Omar Dario Cardona, Gabriel Bernal,
Diana Gonzalez, Miguel Mora, Mario Salgado,
Liliana Carreno, Mabel Marulanda Fraume, Cesar
Velasquez, Claudia Villegas, Daniela Zuloaga);
The Arab Center for the Study of Arid Zones and
Dry Lands – ACSAD (Wadid Erian, Sanaa Ibrahim,
Bassem Kataln, Naji Assad);
Beijing Normal
University (Penjung Shi, Saini Yaing); CIMA
Foundation (Roberto Rudari, Lorenzo Campo,
Francesco Silvestro, Giorgio Boni);
(Harikishan Jayanthi, Greg Husak, Chris Funk,
James Verdin);
Geoscience Australia (Adele Bear-
Crozier, Ken Dale, Gareth Davis, Mark Edwards,
Jonathan Griffin, Nick Horspool, Andrew Jones,
Tariq Maqsood, Steve Newey, Victoria Miller,
Hyeuk Ryu, John Schneider, R. Weber, Martin
Joint Research Centre – JRC (Tom De
Groeve, Sergio Freire, Daniele Erlich, Martino
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