Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

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Kokusai Kogyo (Noritoshi Kamagata,
Junko Tomita);
Norwegian Geotechnical
Institute – NGI (Farrokh Nadim, Carl Harbist, Finn
Lvholt, Sylfest Glimsdal, Helge Smebye, Jose
UNAM (Mario Ordaz and Krishna Singh);
UNEP-GRID (Pascal Peduzzi, Andrea de Bono,
Christian Herold, Bruno Chatenoux);
(Max Wyss, Philippe Rosset, Stavros Tolis).
contributors: Maria Ana Baptista (IPMA Lisbon);
Eric Geist (U.S. Geological Survey); Stefano Lorito
and Roberto Basili (INGV Roma); Rui Pinho and
Helen Crowley (GEM Foundation); Hong Kie Thio
(URS Corporation).
Scientific peer reviewers:
WMO coordinated: James Douris (WMO); Bob
Stefanski (WMO); Michael J. Hayes (Universi-
ty of Nebraska-Lincoln);
Fumin Ren (Chinese
Academy of Meteorological Sciences – CAMS).
UNESCO coordinated: Pauline Galea (Universi-
ty of Malta);
Ren Jinwei (Institute of Earthquake
Science, China);
Christina Magill (Macquarie Uni-
Alexandros Makarigakis (UNESCO); G.A.
Papadopoulos (National Observatory of Ath-
Kenji Satake (University of Tokyo); Roberto
Scarpa (Universita degli Studi dell’Aquila, Italy);
Mehdi Zare (International Institute of Earthquake
coordinated: Kelvin Berryman (GNS Natural
Hazards Research Platform) with experts from
Arup, Cankaya University, FM Global, Hannover
Re, ETH Zurich, NORSAR, and Schneider Geo-
Other contributors: Robert Muir-Wood
(Risk Management Solutions - RMS).
Global volcano hazard and risk:
GVM and IAVCEI (Susan C. Loughlin, British Geo-
logical Survey; Sarah. K. Brown, Steve Sparks,
and Susanna Jenkins, University of Bristol;
Charlotte Vye-Brown, British Geological Sur-
vey; Thomas Wilson, University of Canterbury;
Christina Magill, Macquarie University; Victoria
Miller, Geoscience Australia; C. Stewart, Joint
Center for Disaster Research, GNS Science,
Massey University).
Reviewers: Jenni Barclay (University of East
Russle Blong (Aon Benfield); Costanza
Bonadonna (Université de Genève); Antonio
Costa (Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcano-
Charlie Mandeville (U.S. Geological Sur-
Christopher Newhall (Earth Observatory
of Singapore);
Jose Palma (University of Concep-
Sally Potter (GNS Science); Greg Valentine
(University at Buffalo).
Content, country data, and case study contrib-
utors: S. Andreastuti (Geological Agency of Indo-
W. Aspinall (University of Bristol; Aspinall
& Associates);
G. Atici (General Directorate of
Mineral Research and Exploration);
M. Auker
(University of Bristol);
B. Baptie (British Geolog-
ical Survey);
S. Barsotti (Icelandic Meteorological
R. Basili (National Institute of Geophys-
ics and Volcanology, Italy – INGV);
P. Baxter (Uni-
versity of Cambridge);
M. Boulton (University of
M. Camejo (Seismic Research Center);
E. Calder (University of Edinburgh); G. Chigna
V. Cloud (Smithsonian Institu-
A. Costa (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica
e Vulcanologia, Italy);
E. Cottrell (Smithsonian
S. Crosweller (University of Bris-
C. Dessert (Observatoire Volcanologique
et Sismologique de Guadeloupe),
S. Daud (Civ-
il Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office, UK);
H. Delgado-Granados (Universidad Nacional
Autónoma de México);
N.Deligne (GNS Science,
New Zealand);
C.D. Escobar (Ministerio de Medio
Ambiente y Recursos Naturales);
J. Ewert (U.S.
Geological Survey);
B. Faria (National Institute
for Meteorology and Geophysics, Cape Verde);
Office, UK);
A. Garcia (Institute IGEO, CSIC-UCM),
J. Gottsman (University of Bristol); E. Guttierez,
(National Institute for Meteorology and Geo-
physics, Cape Verde);
Thea Hincks (Universi-
ty of Bristol);
C. Horwell (University of Durham);
E. Ilyinskaya (British Geological Survey); R. Iriat,
(Universidad Mayor de San Andres);
Gill Jolly
(GNS Science, New Zealand);
R. Kamanyire (Pub-
lic Health England);
K. Karume (Observatoire
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