Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

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Solutions – RMS);
Kenji Okazaki (Kyoto Universi-
Toshio Okazumi (Government of Japan); Aris
Papadopolous (Titan America); Patrick Pigeon
(University of Savoie);
Angelika Planitz (UNDP);
Nibedita Ray-Bennett (University of Leices-
Robert Reid (World Bank); John Schneider
(Schneider Geohazards);
Alanna Simpson
Xu Tang (WMO); Jennifer Trivedi (Uni-
versity of Iowa);
Jerry Velasquez (UNISDR);
Christine Wamsler (Lund University); Emily
Wilkinson (Overseas Development Institute –
Scott Williams (PwC); Ben Wisner (Univer-
sity College London & Oberlin College);
Yan (UNDP).
Design Concept
Earth Literacy Program (NPO).
Design and Production (printed GAR)
Editing: Christopher J. Anderson; Maps and
graphs: Sylvain Ponserre (UNISDR) and Stéphane
Kluser (Komplo);
Design concept, cover and
style guide: Mitsuhiro Miyazaki and Masashi
Tomura (AXIS), Shin’ichi Takemura (Earth Liter-
acy Programme – ELP), Taku Satoh (Taku Satoh
Design Office);
Inverted umbrella symbol: Taku
Satoh and Shin’ichi Takemura, inspired by the
work of Makoto Murase and the Institute on Sky
Water Harvesting;
Design realization: Mitsuhiro
Miyazaki and Masashi Tomura (AXIS), Shin’ichi
Takemura (ELP);
Layout: Takae Ooka; Print-
ing: Imprimerie Gonnet; Production Coordina-
tion: Frederic Delpech (UNISDR); Procurement:
UNOPS, Bangkok.
Online GAR and risk information platforms
Julio Serje, Sylvain Ponserre, Joel Margate and
Hugo Jacquet (UNISDR).
Tangible Earth (TE) and GAR for Tablet (GfT)
TE platform design and GfT scenario develop-
ment: Shin’ichi Takemura; TE systems architec-
ture: Takahiro Shinkai; GfT systems architecture:
Jun Nishimura;
GfT scenario development:
Yoshiyuki Inaba;
Production management:
Kensuke Arakawa;
Case studies for GfT: Sylvain
Ponserre, Vicente Anzellini and Lucy Foggin
GfT interface design: Masashi Tomura
(AXIS), Kensuke Arakawa;
Administration: Shoko
Financial resources
United Nations Development Programme
(BCPR) and
the Government of the United States
of America (USAID-OFDA).
In-kind resources and coordination support:
Florida International University – FIU; Geo-
science Australia; Global Facility for Disaster
Risk Reduction – GFDRR; Global Volcano Model
Integrated Institute for Applied
Systems Analysis – IIASA; Indian Institute for
Human Settlements – IIHS; Integrated Research
on Disaster Risk – IRDR; Kokusai Kogyo; Lat-
in American Faculty of Social Sciences – FLAC-
Lee Kuan School of Public Policy – LKYSPP,
National University of Singapore;
United Nations
Development Programme – UNDP; University of
Ghana; University of Huddersfield; Victoria Uni-
versity of Wellington.
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