Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

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13.4 The future of disaster risk
Therefore, as the global community moves towards establishing objectives and targets undertheSustainableDevelopmentGoals(SDGs), which for the first time will be framed for universal application, there is an urgent need to reinterpret disaster risk reduction so that it weaves and flows through development as a set of mutually supportive approaches and practices.
As discussed in Chapter 6, disaster risk reduction itself is rapidly evolving. New stakeholders, including city governments, businesses and the financial, sector are driving change. Innovations in areas as diverse as risk governance, risk knowledge, cost-benefit analysis and accountability are challenging old assumptions and creating new opportunities (Figure 13.3).
Rather than a programme or framework for action, GAR15 presents a discussion on the future of disaster risk management that takes note of this ongoing innovation. Its purpose is to stimulate further reflection, debate and improved practice as countries begin to address the challenges posed by the new international agreements on disaster risk reduction, climate change and sustainable development in 2015 and beyond.
Figure 13.3 The future of disaster risk management
(Source: UNISDR.)
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