Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

background image
The Global Assessment Report (GAR) brand iconography is based on an image of a person holding an inverted umbrella. The inverted “A” in the GAR 2015 logo is a resonance of this motif.

The person holding an inverted umbrella is about seeing something from a new perspective, a call for creative responsiveness to change. A simple, ubiquitous tool, proposed in a new way... the grandest breakthroughs often come from such humble beginnings.

The image represents acting to overturn a legacy of apathy and ignorance. It points to a way beyond conducting business as usual. GAR 2015 provides clear and actionable information about the risks and rewards of disaster risk reduction, as well as a wealth of information about how we unwittingly generate, and exacerbate, risks.

The icon also represents the key message of GAR 2015: “Making Development Sustainable”. This is nowhere more evident than in the power that each of us has to work together to make our societies more resilient, to reduce disaster risks and enable responsible the use of resources. Raindrops, one at a time, may seem insignificant, but given a platform to become pooled resources, they can quickly become a powerful force for good.

Thus, the inverted umbrella is an icon of positive empowerment, advocating disaster risk management as an opportunity rather than a cost, and as something which makes human and planetary well-being possible.
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