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Disasters seem to be becoming more and more common, so what can be done? Ilan Kelman, professor of disasters and health at University College London, examines some options.
Academic Minute, The
In this paper, the authors estimate county-level variations in older populations’ heat exposure in the early (1995–2014) and mid (2050) 21st century in the United States of America.
The NSW Government released the nation’s first State Disaster Mitigation Plan (SDMP). The plan reveals the cost of building and infrastructure damage from disasters could hit $9.1 billion per year by 2060, as more severe events take a higher toll.
New South Wales Government
This blog post aims to shed light on the complex interplay between disasters, post-colonial legacies, and capitalist influences and the implications of these factors for Chile and the broader Latin American context.
Radical Interpretations of Disasters and Radical Solutions
Group of school children in Sri Lanka
This new initiative from UNICEF empowers children living in Sri Lanka’s tea estates with disaster preparedness.
United Nations Children's Fund (Global Headquarters, New York)
It is clear New Zealand stands at a pivotal juncture. The country faces an increasingly severe wildfire climate. And the once relatively “safe” regions are now under threat.
Conversation Media Group, the
Public health recommendations during smoke events tend to provide general advice, and don’t often include advice specifically geared at children who are uniquely vulnerable to bushfire smoke.
Conversation Media Group, the
Industrial air pollution
Aerosol pollutants have masked the effects of global warming. Without them, the U.S. is about to get a lot wetter.
Grist Magazine

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