When floods cross borders, satellite data can help


Observation networks in space provide routine flood data that officials can use to understand transboundary dam operations and to guide flood management strategies. Communities that are downstream from dams, such as some living in the Mekong River basin, now have many ways to see and prepare for potential dangers.

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  • New Zealand: The cascading impacts of climate change: New research released

    Deep South National Science Challenge (NZ)

    New research analyses how climate impacts in New Zealand interact with wider systems and argues that people need to break out of siloed and linear thinking, which neglect dependencies and feedback loops, in order to make better adaptation choices. Using innovative network and systems tools, the research shows how cascading impacts affect all aspects of society.

  • Over 350,000 Surinamese to benefit from flood risk management


    More than 350,000 people living in vulnerable settlements in the Greater Paramaribo area of Suriname will benefit from a U.S. $35 million flood risk management project. The investment will improve drainage infrastructure and strengthen the Saramacca Canal system, the most important drainage system for the central and western areas of Paramaribo.

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