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The regional scientific and principal organisation, the Pacific Community (SPC), is spearheading a new project, called Digital Earth Pacific, to capture extensive satellite information about climate change and natural disasters in the region.
Inter Press Service International Association
A disabled man wading through water logged road on his tricycle in India, 2020
The disability royal commission and advocates say people with disability have not been provided with enough thorough, timely and up to date, accessible information during recent crises.
Conversation Media Group, the
weather surveillance radar
Weather prediction has actually improved in recent years. And there are exciting developments on the horizon involving artificial intelligence. But the effect of future climate change on weather and seasonal prediction is not yet well understood.
Conversation Media Group, the
Forested mountain slopes, Banten, Indonesia
Homeowners, councils, and state governments looking to build houses and infrastructure on or near slopes should reconsider cutting down trees or using artificial slope reinforcement to buttress vertical terrain against landslides and slips.
University of Sydney
A small Asian girl hides behind the brick wall from the sun.
Rising temperatures pose a threat to the health of over 243 million children across East Asia and the Pacific.
United Nation Children's Fund - East Asia and Pacific Regional Office
Remaining puddle in a dried lake
Often flash droughts occur after just weeks or a couple of months of well-below-average rainfall. They happen worldwide and are becoming more common, including in Australia, due to global warming.
Conversation Media Group, the
What is a Black Nor'easter, what’s causing all this rain and does it have anything to do with climate change? I’m an atmospheric scientist who researches atmospheric rivers, extreme rainfall and climate change. Here’s what you need to know.
Conversation Media Group, the
The Australia Pacific Climate Partnership commissioned the Economics of Acting Early research to generate evidence on the value of early actions in reducing the impact of climate change and disaster events in the Pacific.

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