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This study aims to better understand coastal processes associated with extreme cyclonic events through the study of the coastal changes, flooding and damage that resulted from the passage of a category 5 hurricane (Irma) on 6 September 2017 over the

Documents and publications

Cette étude porte sur les changements côtiers et les inondations suite au passage d’un ouragan de catégorie 5 (Irma) les 5 et 6 septembre 2017 sur les îles de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélemy aux Antilles. Selon l'étude, les systèmes côtiers ont répondu

Hurricane Irma has so far caused eight confirmed deaths and left Puerto Rico without electricity. 90 percent of dwellings were levelled on dual-island nation Antigua and Barbuda and 95 percent of the island of Saint Martin has been destroyed. The Category 5 storm is sweeping through Caribbean islands and is headed toward the US state of Florida.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Superstorm Irma has continued to gain in strength, reaching the highest category 5 status with wind speeds peaking at 185 miles per hour. For the small island states of the Caribbean, the storm presents a grave threat to lives and livelihoods. The intensity of storms like Harvey and Irma could be a sign of how climate change exacerbates the size and strength of storms.
Mr.  Adriel Brathwaite, Chairman of the CDEMA Council of Ministers (right), presents the award to Mr. Jeremy Collymore, former Executive Director, CDEMA (centre), alongside its current Executive Director, Mr. Ronald Jackson (left)
The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency is introducing a new awards scheme to recognise distinction in reducing disaster risk including the Jeremy Collymore Award for Research in Disaster Response and Disaster Risk Management.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean
Documents and publications

This report presents the findings of an assessment undertaken by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) during 2010-2011 which assessed the institutional and technical capacities and needs of the Caribbean region to support Multi-hazard Early Warning

Documents and publications

This brochure presents the products combining risk reduction and insurance for low income groups such as small-holding farmers and day labourers that will be designed and implemented by the Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean programme

Recently released high-quality, up-to-date vector-based maps of Central and South America give insurance and reinsurance companies a precise, reliable cartographic basis that can associate actual and modelled risks with the objects to be insured...
Directions Magazine, Directions Media

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