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This analysis delves into precipitation dynamics in the Bacia Taquari Antas region, with a focus on September 2023.
Amazon indigenous family living on floating wooden house in Brazil
Research briefs
Between 24 April and 4 May 2024 over 420 mm of rain fell in Brazil’s southernmost state Rio Grande do Sul, leading to more than 90% of the state being affected by flooding.
World Weather Attribution
Amazon indigenous family living on floating wooden house in Brazil
This article details how Brazil is ensuring that the most vulnerable and poor don't fall deeper into poverty during this crisis and how a social protection system supports crisis response.
World Bank, the
Arial view of rainforest jungle in Brasil
In Rio Grande do Sul - an area larger than the UK - is currently affected by unprecedented floods. The flying river has acted like a firehose, fuelling five months of rainfall in just two weeks.
Conversation Media Group, the
Arial view of rainforest jungle in Brasil
Research briefs
The increase was confirmed by an analysis of satellite images, contrasting with a drop in deforestation and the total number of fires detected in the Amazon. The Brazilian government’s says it is partnering with other institutions to combat wildfires.
São Paulo Research Foundation (Agência FAPESP)
Wildfire, Thailand
Research briefs
In response to the escalating fire crises in the Amazon, a timely study has revealed alarming shortcomings in the emergency fire bans implemented by the Brazilian Government. Initially seen as a promising solution in 2019.
Oxford University
The Inter-American Development Bank and the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil developed an educational booklet which provides an overview of how crisis and disaster management in Brazilian tourism can achieve greater resilience.
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
The Tambopata River, a tiny tributary of the Amazon river system, is afflicted by drought
Strengthened by climate change, northern Brazil’s dry spell might last longer than originally forecast, with lingering ecological and economic consequences.
Eos - AGU

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