Land Slide

This booklet refers to the initiatives taken by the National Disaster Management Authority in India, in managing the risk of landslides.
National Disaster Management Authority (India)
This briefing note describes a bottom-up methodology for landslide early warning systems, which should consider the knowledge and participation of local communities.
UCL Warning Research Centre Anticipation Hub Global Disaster Preparedness Center
Temple in front of a waterfall in a forest in Japan.
In disaster-prone Japan, torrential rains exacerbated by the climate crisis have caused serious flooding and landslides in recent years, including in the country’s many forests.
Landslide on the Manali
As low-income, informal settlements bloom in the tropics, their risk of landslides increases. A new modeling tool incorporates urbanization factors to protect the region’s poorest neighborhoods.
American Geophysical Union Eos - AGU
Effect of individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and social support on willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides
This study investigates whether individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and perceived social support correlate with the willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides.
Natural Hazards (Springer)
Insights gained into geo-hydrological disaster management 25 years after the catastrophic landslides of 1998 in southern Italy
This article documents positive and negative experiences related to the deadly landslide disaster on 5 May 1998 in Italy, finding a possible link between prevention measures and mortality reduction.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
Landslide-affected road
Satellite observations have revealed that weak seismic ground shaking can trigger powerful landslide acceleration – even several years after a significant earthquake.
Newcastle University
Dr. Homolata Borah has been working towards reducing disaster risk for some of the most vulnerable communities living in the world’s largest inhabited river island of Majuli in the state of Assam in India.
New University of Canterbury research aims to save lives in West Coast communities by predicting high-hazard zones where landslide dams may form, potentially resulting in major flooding.
University of Canterbury
Only days after the U.S. government announced it would fund nearly a million-dollar expansion of the Philippine’s risk intelligence and early warning system, Typhoon Nalgae (locally named Paeng), swept the nation—causing extreme flooding and landslides.
Pacific Disaster Center