Land Slide

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This paper presents a methodology developed to assess if a potentially critical landslide event is displaying a significant deviation from previously sampled data, or if it could be classified as a false alarm.
Rising to the Call: Good Practices in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines
This book provides reference documents of good practices and integration and the use of local knowledge and action to mitigate the impacts of disasters.
Community-driven disaster intervention Experiences of the Homeless People's Federation Philippines Incorporated
This paper describes the experiences of the Philippines Homeless People’s Federation in community-driven measures to avoid disasters, in disaster preparedness and in disaster response.
People walking through their village in Tajikistan.
Tajikistan’s southern Khatlon region, bordering Afghanistan, is the country’s populated and poorest region. It is home to two major rivers, the Panj and Vakhsh, and their multiple tributaries, making the region vulnerable to seasonal floods and mudflows.
The VIGIRISKS web platform, designed and developed by the French Geological Survey (BRGM), enables storing, scenario design, documentation, access and execution of scientific computations for multi-risks mapping.
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This report provides a summary of main findings from the Firm Resilience Survey which collected data from 1413 firms in the tourism industry in 13 Caribbean countries between March-November 2020.
This research examined the coproduction of early warning systems in nine urban informal settlements controlled by territorial gangs in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
The purpose of this preliminary study is to demonstrate that machine learning techniques can be used to analyze monitoring data in order to select the most relevant variables for the triggering of shallow rainfall-induced landslides at regional scale.
Nepalis wait as engineers remove a boulder fallen on the road due to a landslide
The tool extracts landslide information in real time, which could advance landslide research as well as disaster response.
By understanding dynamics of landslides, researchers hope to prevent future ones.