Storm Surge

Coastal flood, wave surge, wind setup

Woman carrying a basket walking through the sandy desert with her livestock.
Airborne dust not only causes disease, it also menaces transportation on land, sea, and air; disrupts renewable energy systems; transports pathogens and toxic substances; and poses many other hazards.
Eos - AGU
Researchers of Kiel University model future urban development on European coasts.
University of Kiel
Sand storm hitting the city of Basra in Iraq, 2022
The Middle East and North African region lose about $13 billion a year because of increasing sand and dust storms. By combining learnings from artificial intelligence and 3000-year-old sustainable methods, researchers might find ways to mitigate damages
Lund University
Upgrade will enhance forecasts of storm surge during tropical cyclones.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Huge waves striking Newhaven breakwater, UK, during a winter storm
A severe windstorm that battered the UK more than a century ago produced some of the strongest winds that Britain has ever seen, a team of scientists have found after recovering old weather records.
University of Reading
An agronomist using a tablet computer collecting data with meteorological instrument to measure the wind speed, temperature and humidity and solar cell system in grape agricultural field.
Using data from two NOAA satellites, University of Arizona researchers developed an algorithm for measuring wind via water vapor.
University of Arizona
Severe storms account for nearly half (48%) of all billion-dollar weather disasters in the U.S. since 1980. The frequency of favorable tornado days (indicated by daily maximum significant tornado parameter values) has increased significantly.
Climate Central
Scientists find record-breaking sea level rises in the U.S. Gulf Coast, which could leave cities such as Houston more vulnerable to severe storms and flooding in the coming decades than previously anticipated.
Tulane University