Among other things, they function as a sponge – absorbing and storing excess water due to heavy rains.
Is flood resilience planning improving- A longitudinal analysis of networks of plans in Boston and Fort Lauderdale
This report discusses how as climate change increases flood risk, there is growing recognition that the multiple plans cities adopt often work at cross purposes and encourage development in areas at risk of current and future flooding.
The city of Lira in Uganda affected by floods
Uganda was one of the nations who first pioneered Forecast-based Financing (FbF).
The Yangtze River has flooded Chongqing, China in 2020
The heavy rainfall have wreaked havoc and brought myriad impacts. During this period, Chinese meteorological departments have carried out effective monitoring and forecasting, and made full-fledged deployments in terms of disaster preparedness.
Risk communication to motivate flood and hurricane risk mitigation
This research discusses how at-risk communities can take steps to mitigate hurricane and flood risks, but many choose not to do so.
Zenada Čaušević
The Central Bosna Canton has initiated different projects and activities to build up the capacities of local communities, increase resilience, and reduce the impact of disasters.
This analysis focuses on the economic activity impacts of 2019 prevented planting acreage across the Midwest and parts of the South compared to what occurs in a typical year
Polluted river
As floods increase in frequency and intensity, chemicals buried in river sediments become “ticking time bombs” waiting to activate.
Access To flooding mitigation and prevention measures In light Of climate change impact In Gaza
This report discusses how the longstanding closure of the Gaza Strip has a significant impact on the technical capacities of the WASH service providers as it restricts the entry of vital materials.
The impact of climate change on access to water for the most vulnerable communities in Southern West Bank
This report discusses how Palestinian communities in Bethlehem and Hebron governorates are most affected by water scarcity in the West Bank.