Aerial picture of a flooded Texan residential area
Jacksonville residents and local grassroots organizations are working with city officials to take a markedly different approach to managing flood risks.
This study sought to identify vulnerabilities to flooding, as well as their causes, using an index-based approach in in the selected flood-prone areas of Kogi State, Nigeria.
Cloudburst over green fields.
The forecasting system we developed is essentially an intelligent computer program that can predict whether it will rain, how intense that rain will be and how long it will last at any location with greater than 90% accuracy at least 96 hours in advance.
The destruction caused by these so-called “natural disasters” is often accepted as largely unavoidable and unpredictable. Climate change is also blamed for the alleged increased frequency of disasters.
Solutions to reduce the loss of lives and livelihoods from urban floods can be exercised by individuals and local govts.
Forests cover just 4.8% of Pakistan, and fire is the biggest driver of forest loss in the country: Global Forest Watch estimates that between 2001 and 2021, Pakistan lost 5,460 hectares of tree cover due to fires and 4,290 hectares from all other drivers.
Floods and other natural hazards affect much more than physical infrastructure. For smallholder farmers, who are often amongst the most food insecure communities in the world, such events can be devastating both in the short and long term.
This article discusses the tragedy unfolding in Pakistan in the wake of unprecedented flooding late last month, that is not only a humanitarian catastrophe but also poses significant security threats.
WIN DRR generic poster
The winners were selected from the 420 nominations that were received from 24 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. The awards, which come with a cash prize, celebrate women's achievements in reducing disaster risk.
The Odisha government has taken a decision to implement a community-based action plan from the current year as a necessary step towards enhancing climate resilience of coastal communities. It will address the livelihood issues of the people.