Members of Baduy community must strictly follow the pikukuh when constructing a house.
As a disaster-prone country, Indonesia has long been familiar with natural hazards. Even before advanced technology arrived, our Indonesian ancestors developed their own ways to prevent and mitigate disasters – and to live in harmony with natural hazards.
Deep-learning models can be trained to assess the magnitude of mega earthquakes in real time.
Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team
Scott Wilson Nepal
Newcastle upon Tyne
Seismologists forecast significant shaking for Québec (Montréal, Québec City, Rivière-du-Loup), Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto) and British Columbia (Vancouver and Victoria) in the future. But earthquake prediction timelines are an imprecise science.
Including topography—the hills, cliffs and valleys of a landscape—in ground motion models shows where shaking might be most amplified during an earthquake, researchers demonstrate with detailed new models of the Puget Sound region.
International community–driven efforts lend confidence to fault-slip simulations while highlighting key discrepancies.
Temple in Kathmandu, needing support due to earthquake damage
No two disasters are the same, and neither are their aftermaths. However, the topographies of the earthquake-affected regions and the approaches taken to respond to the earthquakes were similar in both Sout Asian nations.
Skyline of Mexico city, beyond trees of the Chapultepec park
Scientists use noise generated by human activities to determine how the subsidence rate of densely populated Mexico City affects its seismic hazard. A new study used the city’s own noise to monitor how this subsidence is taking place.
During the 20th century, earthquakes in Europe accounted for more than 200,000 deaths and over 250 billion Euros in losses. Comprehensive earthquake hazard and risk assessments are crucial to reducing the effects of catastrophic earthquakes.
Ruins after the earthquake in Amatrice
Scientists with the participation of the Swiss Seismological Service have published an updated earthquake hazard map and, for the first time, an earthquake risk map for Europe. Switzerland will follow next year with a higher resolution national risk map.