Natural flood management for disaster risk reduction


Ecosystem-based approaches can provide effective solutions for flood risk management.

Undervaluing the protections natural ecosystems provide against flooding has detrimental impacts for society, particularly given the increase in flood hazard in the context of climate and land-use changes.
One Earth (Cell Press) (Elsevier)
Recently published research conducted by Bangor University and Forest Research reviews the knowledge on roles of forested lands for natural flood management in the UK.
Bangor University
Such measures can encourage larger and smarter investments that reduce disaster costs.
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"Spongy" roads that absorb flood water and excess rain will relieve pressure on traditional defences, the government says.
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This paper establishes an action plan for nature-based stormwater strategies by promoting natural designs that reduce flooding and improve water quality in North Carolina. North Carolinians are increasingly affected by damage and disruptions from flooding

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Comprehensive planning and government leadership are key to increasing resiliency statewide.
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