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This manual provides an overview of climate-driven stressors relevant to transport infrastructure in Central Asia and explores adaptation strategies.
This study is the first to develop food supply and demand projections over the 21st century for Uzbekistan by considering the combined effects of climate change and soil salinization.
A team interviewed nearly two dozen people with disabilities across six villages and several urban neighborhoods in Uzbekistan. The purpose of our fieldwork was to examine climate change vulnerabilities facing persons with disabilities.
World Bank, the
Cover and source: World Bank
This report explores how climate action, in line with Uzbekistan’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060, interacts with the country’s growth and development path.
Within the nascent field of climate change and disability studies, this report represents one of the first fieldwork-based accounts of how climate change presents heightened risks to persons with disabilities in a developing country context.
This publication provides a case study of how digital tools can help optimize road design to strengthen climate resilience, safety, and efficient resource use.
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This note outlines the “Strengthening Financial Resilience and Accelerating Risk Reduction in Central Asia” Program's work in addressing the challenges in disaster risk management for Central Asian governments.
This assessment aims at the delivery of a probabilistic risk assessment of floods and earthquakes, as well as assessment of landslide susceptibility and selected land-slide scenarios, and their impact on multiple asset types.

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