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Simulations of underwater earthquakes and landslides in the Ionian Sea found that they could generate tsunami waves as high as 2.5 meters in southern Italy.
Wildfire in Stanislaus National Forest, California, 2013
A European team of experts is taking part in an on-site mission to Italy. Their objective is to assist local authorities through a Thematic Peer Review focused on the wildfire risk management system in the country.
Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
Documents and publications
The aim of this report is to investigate the potential for harnessing key features of Transformative Innovation to improve the design and the implementation of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) strategies, based on empirical analyses.
Wonyong Park Lorenzo Miani Olivia Levrini
Schools are an important space young people to learn about disaster risk, but too often teachers miss educational opportunities. Educators need to better understand how to use specific climate disaster examples in the classroom to teach about risk.
Climate change and rising sea levels are making lagoon barrier closures more frequent. Scientists are worried about the impacts on the ecosystem.
Springer Nature
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This study aims to investigate the economic viability of MoSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico or Experimental Electromechanical Module) operations in light of the potential future evolution of SLR (Sea-level rise).
Water flowing from a blue pump pipe
Public works on the street surfaces, during the renovation of the sewage system, provided an opportunity to transform streets and parking areas on the waterfront into an urban park that simultaneously functions as a barrier against coastal flooding.
European Environment Agency
Documents and publications
The aim in this loss calculations is to estimate the total sum of fatalities that are likely as a measure of the extent of earthquake disasters.

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