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Cover and source: Natural Hazards
This research paper assesses two Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in the Sarantapotamos river basin upstream of Magoula settlement, evaluating their effectiveness through flood hydrograph calculations before and after NBS, and under future climate scenarios.
River flowing through green fields and hills.
The glaring failure of traditional approaches to protect against increasingly frequent extreme weather events is prompting Thessaly to consider a dramatically different approach: removing the concrete and letting nature do its work.
European Investment Bank
Cover and source: Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation
This study investigates the use of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in Thessaly, Greece to respond to socio-environmental challenges such as water security, food security, human health and disaster risk reduction.
Dutch experts commissioned to investigate the causes of the flood disaster on the plain of Thessaly in central Greece in the summer are proposing a new model of water management.
Researchers have reconstructed an historic volcanic eruption using 3D seismics - a geophysical technique that uses sound waves to create cross-sectional profiles of geological structures beneath the seabed.
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
This study developed a systematic record of the direct impacts of Medicane Ianos on the Ionian Islands, in Greece, as a characteristic case study illustrating the potential effects of such an extreme event on a developed Mediterranean coastal area.
Malia Beach with washed up items following big floodings on Crete Island in Greece.
Unlike regular floods, which develop more slowly and can be predicted in advance, flash floods catch people off guard due to their rapid onset and are rarely recorded in the field.
Conversation Media Group, the
Aerial view of the Old town district
Throughout the PSF’s twinning programme, eight municipalities from Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Germany were paired together to offer opportunity to exchange on best practices, lessons learnt, and to evaluate what could be applied in their city.
European Commission

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