Mental health and disaster risk


While much discussion revolves around the physical effects of disasters, mental health can also be harmed after a calamity. These resources explore the effects of disasters on mental health and good practices for reducing negative impacts.

Houston residents clean up debris after heavy flooding brought about by Hurricane Harvey
Researchers recommend that school districts create specific emergency plans to prepare for future disasters – and that the emergency plan should focus on mental health, especially for educators.
Crowd waiting for the train during a hot day in London, UK (2022)
Detecting hate tweets in more than four billion tweets from U.S. users with an AI-algorithm and combining them with weather data, researchers found that both the absolute number and the share of hate tweets rise outside a climate comfort zone.
The rising frequency and intensity of heat waves can trigger various forms of emotional distress affecting people’s mental health. One such emerging form of distress is eco-anxiety.
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Suicide incidence could increase by up to 1,660 cases annually, depending on how much the climate changes.
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Human-caused climate change is pushing weather temperatures never before recorded. Mental health impacts are concerning, but straightforward links are unclear. Humidity needs to be considered in tandem with heat.
Psychology Today
The guide provides insight into the adverse psychosocial impacts on flood-affected communities and how agencies can develop mitigation plans, particularly focusing on groups who may be at increased risk of mental health impacts and wellbeing after floods.
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