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Disaster risk management specialist (Southeast Asia)

Peace Corps

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A Peace Corps Response Volunteer is needed to serve as a Disaster Risk Management Specialist for the Municipality of Laoang’s Disaster Operations Center (DOC). DOC is a local government unit who’s goal is to save lives, protect properties, alleviate needless sufferings and minimize damage from both natural and human-induced hazards by providing integrated direction and control at the municipal level in order that manpower, material, monetary and other necessary resources can be made available and responsive to the disaster and calamities which may occur in the locality. The DOC was viewed to be necessary so to help minimize the effects of disasters and calamities occurring within the municipality. However, there has been no capacity building activities that the DOC staff had undergone since the inception of the Center three years ago.

A disaster preparedness plan is already in existence, but its staff lack sufficient knowledge on its implementation to address occurrence of calamities such as earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, tsunamis and typhoons. The PCRV is needed to review the structure of DOC and the Disaster Preparedness Plan. He or she will assess the DOC staff’s understanding of disaster risk management and the Plan. The Volunteer will recommend institutional activities for the DOC’s complete functional operation and train the DOC staff in carrying out the Plan. By the end of this project, the PCRV should have trained the Municipal Disaster Operation Center staff on how to appropriately implement the Disaster Preparedness Plan and institutionalize a more functional DOC and staff.


- Any Bachelors degree holder
- At least three years experience in disaster risk management training
- At least three years experience working with disaster response teams
- Basic knowledge of disaster planning software (like GIS)

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