Learning from past disasters

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Learning from past disasters

Learn from past disasters on the PreventionWeb knowledge base. These collections explore the lessons learned from past disasters, what were the risk drivers, impacts and efforts towards building back better.

26 April 2022
The Chernobyl disaster was the worst nuclear power plant accident of the 20th century.
Nevado del Ruiz Volcanic Eruption
9 December 2021
The Nevado del Ruiz Volcanic Eruption, also known as the Armero Tragedy, is considered as Colombia’s worst natural hazard-induced disaster which produced the deadliest lahar ever recorded. After 69 years of dormancy, the stratovolcano in Tolima, Colombia erupted in 13 November 1985 melting the mountain’s glaciers and sending lahars down its slopes at 60 kilometers per hour.
16 September 2021

From the zoonotic origin of the disease to its widespread impact in all sectors, the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the systemic nature of risk, calling for a whole of society approach to mitigate and respond.

Cyclone Gita
9 December 2021
Tropical Cyclone (TC) Gita formed in early February 2018 and developed into a category 4 cyclone, affecting multiple countries in the Pacific region. Tonga was hardest-hit, incurring severe damage.
15 March 2022
Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall near Beira City, Mozambique on 14 March 2019, bringing strong winds and severe flooding in Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar.
8 December 2021
The 2015–16 El Niño was one of the strongest El Niño events since 1950, with wide-ranging effects felt around the world.
River bed and destroyed village after the July 2021 floods in Germany
14 July 2022
In July 2021, weather system ‘Bernd’ caused catastrophic damage and inconceivable human suffering in several European countries. Severe flooding, particularly in Germany, claimed more than 230 lives and left many communities in ruins.
La Palma volcanic eruption in 2021
7 January 2022
From Haiti to China, a look back at some of the forgotten disasters that struck in 2021.