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American Samoa
A new interactive tool is helping residents understand how their lands and homes are at risk.
Eos - AGU
Forecast weather isobar night map of Asia, wind fronts and temperature vector diagram.
The Samoan weather service is shifting away from technical wording in forecasts, instead using the impacts of the weather to deliver messages.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Cover and source: Global Earthquake Model Foundation
This seismic risk profile of the American Samoa, produced by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation summarizes key metrics of seismic risk, allowing stakeholders in risk management to get an overview of the risk in the country.
Protecting against flooding on islands requires reliable measurements of how much the ground is sinking and where.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ADB and the Government of Samoa participated in a groundbreaking ceremony to officially start the upgrading of the country’s international port.
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Climate Change in American Sāmoa: Indicators and Considerations for Key Sectors is one in a series of new PIRCA reports aimed at assessing the state of knowledge about climate change indicators, impacts, and adaptive capacity of the US-Affiliated Pacific

This paper argues that there is a need for a new policy framing that Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) investment is imperative that will generate dividends for governments and society at large. Under the auspice of the Sendai Framework for disaster risk

Ten years after the South Pacific earthquake-tsunami disaster, it’s time to look back at the lessons learned – and how they can help adapt to a rapidly changing climate.
Conversation Media Group, the

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