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Climate change is threatening America’s water infrastructure as intensifying storms deluge communities and droughts dry up freshwater supplies in regions that aren’t prepared.
Conversation Media Group, the
In this Q&A, the city’s director of heat response and mitigation explains what his department is doing to keep people safe.
Yale Climate Connections
The Guna people of Panama's sinking Gardi Sugdub island are planning to move to the mainland to escape rising sea levels
A trio of seismologists reports that a part of the San Andreas Fault, at Parkfield, is not producing signals that would suggest an earthquake is going to happen any time soon, but they assert there are factors that suggest otherwise.
PhysOrg, Omicron Technology Ltd
This study provides critical information for understanding the source and frequency of compound flooding across the Southeast Atlantic Coast of the United States.
Redwood forest canopy
A report by a team of 40 experts outlines a new approach to forest stewardship that “braids together” Indigenous knowledge and Western science to conserve and restore more resilient forestlands.
University of Washington
This publication evaluates how global approaches to monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation are being localized in the design and implementation of public policies and territorial strategies for climate change adaptation in the Andes.
The earthquake activity in New Jersey on April 5 is similar to the 3.8 magnitude earthquake that we experienced in 2023 in Buffalo, New York. In both cases, the shaking was from gravitational slip on those ancient structures.
Conversation Media Group, the

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