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During the winter half-year of 2023/2024, western Europe experienced a series of damaging storms. These storms led to disruptions and the associated precipitation caused exacerbated flood risks.
World Weather Attribution
Flash flooding has been described as the main environmental risk to people living in the capital by the Greater London Authority (GLA). One solution put forward is that London should become a "sponge city".
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Research published this week estimated that the record floods could reduce Britain's ability to feed itself by nearly 10% due to a reduced crop area and poor yields.
Sun above a city
English schools could exceed an “overheating” threshold of 26C for one-third of the academic year if global warming reaches 2C above pre-industrial temperatures, a new study finds.
Carbon Brief
A storm ocean wave crashes over the road and floods coastal houses.
Research briefs
Climate change will cause an increase in extreme winter storms combining strong winds and heavy rainfall over the UK and Ireland, new research has shown.
Newcastle University
Documents and publications
The aim of this study was to explore client and care worker risks and preparedness for cold weather, with a view to identifying mitigations and incorporating these into advice and cold weather planning.
Documents and publications
This paper assesses the state of heat risk governance in the UK through an analysis of the Adverse Weather and Health Plan (AWHP) launched in 2023, which replaces the former Heatwave Plan (HWP) for England.
Climate change continues to alter global weather patterns, and as a result the future of April showers is less certain. A warmer world means April showers are likely to occur earlier in the year, and be more intense though perhaps less widespread.
Conversation Media Group, the

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