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Displacement is a major impact of the climate crisis in Pakistan. In a flood emergency access to the ‘digital ecosystem’ provided by mobile devices can be critical for individual safety, but not everyone has equal access.
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
This study aims to understand how climate-related risks and hazards are reshaping traditional avenues of job entry and employment, particularly for young people in Pakistan.
This brief explains why climate change is a growing risk for Pakistan’s agriculture and shows how high-level remote sensing and mathematical programming can provide near real-time data to improve irrigation systems and bolster water security.
Even though developing countries like Pakistan may not be the primary contributors to climate change, acknowledging and confronting its fallout is indispensable, especially for combatting pressing local issues like air pollution and smog.
World Bank, the
The “Making Homes Accessible to All” initiative fostered an understanding of disability and accessible infrastructure among masons in Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction following the devastating 2015 earthquakes.
World Bank, the
As Pakistan’s dwindling Kalash community reels from the impacts of global warming and excessive deforestation, government apathy means they often rely on ancient beliefs to protect their environments.
The Third Pole
The roadmap to a climate-resilient future for Pakistan has been criticised for its top-down approach, a lack of consultation, and significant omissions
The Third Pole
Cover and source: Conciliation Resources
This paper is based on the experience of peace and climate change programming in the Bangsamoro, in the Philippines, Karamoja in Uganda, and Kashmir examining the junction of climate change and conflict.

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