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Urban garden planting in Mexico City
Proponents say that floating gardens could provide an important, sustainable food source as the city faces historic drought.
Reasons to be Cheerful
This case study explores the preparedness and response efforts by the Mexican Red Cross (Cruz Roja Mexicana) during the 2023 heat waves where temperatures climbed close to 50°C (122°F) in parts of the country.
Global Disaster Preparedness Center
Hurricane Florence seen from Space in September 2018
Warming oceans and the El Nino phenomenon have caused some storms to gain strength far more rapidly than predicted. More investment in forecasting, early warning, preparation — and an assist from artificial intelligence — are parts of the solution.
Mexican Red Cross Society
Aerial view of flooded houses with dirty water of Dnister River in Halych town, western Ukraine
Better data and assessment metrics—and improved researcher involvement in communities—are needed to understand and redress inequitable vulnerabilities to and recoveries from flooding.
Eos - AGU
Cover and source: World Bank
Documents and publications
This paper explores the financial stability implications of acute physical climate change risks using a novel approach focusing on a severe season associated with a series of tropical cyclone and flood events.
Stormy sky above Mexico City
Research briefs
Study finds that this understudied region may experience significant climate changes, impacting agriculture, the economy and infrastructure.
University of California, San Diego
Documents and publications
La Secretaría de Gestión Integral de Riesgos y Protección Civil de la Ciudad de México, ha desarrollado un Kit de Bienvenida MCR2030 con el objetivo de guiar a las Alcaldías, y gobiernos locales.
Mount Popocatepetl in Mexico erupting
The stratovolcano in central Mexico presents a rich case study of risk perception, science communication, and preparedness surrounding natural hazards.
Eos - AGU

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