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Indigenous Fijian girl walking on flooded land in Fiji
Some areas, like the Pacific Islands, are likely to experience disproportionate effects from advancing climate change. Pacific island nations are uniquely vulnerable to sea level rise, coastal erosion and cyclones of escalating intensity.
Conversation Media Group, the
Cover and source: Climatic change (Springer Link)
The research findings identified different pathways through which women and children’s mental health was compromised in the context of structural violence and climatic risks.
Community carpenters construct new houses in Fiji
From Cambodia to Peru, a suite of innovative projects are helping communities weather a range of climate-related perils. Here is a closer look at five of those efforts.
United Nations Environment Programme
The Samoan weather station that has been in the same spot for more than 100 years, and how the service is now looking at new methods of messaging.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
A satellite image of a cyclone shot from space.
The United Nations, in close collaboration with the Government of Fiji, is launching the Anticipatory Action Framework for Tropical Cyclones in Fiji, a The ground-breaking project aims to provide assistance to people before cyclones make landfall.
United Nations - Headquarters
Cover and source: Government of Fiji
This pilot builds on existing disaster risk management capacity of Fiji for tropical cyclones, including well established climate and disaster risk governance, early warning systems and coordination structures.
This policy brief addresses questions of how to manage situations of climate mobilities, both within and between respective states.
Yellow tsunami hazard zone warning sign in Bali, Indonesia
In support of government efforts to raise awareness and prepare vulnerable communities for the possible occurrence of a tsunami, stakeholders such as business networks may organize activities to contribute to tsunami preparedness.
Connecting Business initiative

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