Pakistan floods 2010-2011


In July 2010, heavy monsoon rains affected millions of people by submerging approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's land area.


This joint-agency paper argues that greater political commitment and resources are necessary to tackle the social and economic injustices that leave vulnerable groups such as women, children and elderly and disabled people at particular risk from hazards

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'We need to develop early warning systems and emergency evacuation plans, repair infrastructure and start planning; the trajectory of the past year’s failures needs to be altered'...
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Oxfam Briefing Paper:

This policy paper asserts that the growing number of vulnerable people, the rise in disasters, and the failure to put most fragile states on the path to development, will significantly increase needs. Western-based donors, INGOs

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'We are asking federal government for this allocation to save hefty spending on disaster management - as one dollar spent for preparedness saves 10 dollars on disaster management,' said National Disaster Management Authority Chairman Zafar Qadir...
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'Our efforts are focused on providing tents during the rehabilitation process and helping the affected communities to reconstruct their destroyed houses, but what is our mitigation strategy?'...
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At a seminar 'Role of Media in Disaster Management,' speakers highlighted the role of Pakistani media in disaster management and mitigation, reducing the sufferings of the affected people...
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