India-Pakistan floods 2014


In September 2014, intense flooding in India's Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab in Pakistan, killed hundreds, caused tens of thousands of people to be evacuated, and affected over 2,000 villages.


This issue of contains many insights from practitioners and academics from different areas who have focused their attention on rebuilding Jammu and Kashmir after the devastating floods of 2014. This issue is a compilation of such

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In response to the Jammu Kashmir Government lingering over a proposal for a disaster management plan, residents of 10 flood-prone villages have come together to formulate their own plan. Solutions to the flood-related issues were formulated through participatory risk assessment and identification of vulnerable populations in the communities.
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Flood-induced destruction in Srinagar, India can be attributed to haphazard urban development. A new Master Plan that is being developed for Srinagar Metropolitan Region is the first to consider flood disaster management. However, the plan has been criticized for failing to appropriately classify land use regulations according to flood risk levels.
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Insurance companies in Indian-administered Kashmir, which was hit by a destructive flood last September, have collected substantially higher premiums this year as property owners seek to avoid further financial losses from weather-linked disasters...
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2015 issue no. 125 - February 2015:

This issue focuses on the important theme of children, cities and disasters in India. It tries to highlight all the aspects of building the resilience of children, especially in urban centres to the

All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
'The authorities should introduce policies to reduce the risk of disasters, including guidelines for geologists to be consulted before house and road construction, research on the stability of mountain slopes with human settlements, and awareness-raising about landslides,' S.K. Pandita of the University of Jammu said...
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