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This research aims to develop a framework for identifying, ranking, and prioritizing the risks for Indian harbours. Also, this study ranks the 12 major Indian ports based on the identified risk factors.
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This paper explores how transformative adaptation towards more sustainable and resilient urban societies can be achieved through the inclusion of traditional knowledge, indigenous practices, and the bearers of such knowledge – the communities.
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The present study attempts to – 1) identify critical challenges Vidarbha orange growers face during drought impact and 2) examine the farmers' perception and awareness about drought impacts, and different adaptation and mitigation strategies.
Cover and source: Green Risk-Informed Resilient Development Corps
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By delving into the anatomy of traditional houses in Jodphur, this report offers valuable insights which can be incorporated into contemporary building practices, creating a more sustainable and climate-resilient Jodhpur and cities around the world.
Cover and source: Conciliation Resources
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This paper is based on the experience of peace and climate change programming in the Bangsamoro, in the Philippines, Karamoja in Uganda, and Kashmir examining the junction of climate change and conflict.
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This study uses the ASPIRE tool to evaluate the readiness and effectiveness of social protection systems in India, identifying gaps and opportunities to improve anticipatory measures and climate resilience.
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This article provides a methodology to estimate possible extreme changes in seasonal rainfall for the coming decades. It demonstrates this methodology using Indian summer monsoon rainfall as an example.
Cover and source: Global Earthquake Model Foundation
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This seismic risk profile of India, produced by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation summarizes key metrics of seismic risk, allowing stakeholders in risk management to get an overview of the risk in the country.

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