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With heat waves forecast for March-May in India, climate scientists are worried about an increased possibility of deaths if human body temperatures exceed the “wet bulb” threshold of 35°C.
This report aims to support the process of refinement of heat action plans (HAPs) by conducting a critical review of heat action plans in India. They analysed 37 heat action plans at the city (9), district (13) and state (15) levels across 18 states.
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People take bath to keep them self cool from heat wave
HAPs are India’s primary policy response to economically damaging and life threatening heatwaves.
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Mumbai city is increasingly at risk of the impacts of climate change. Increasing temperatures, depleting natural green cover, routine bouts of extreme rainfall events resulting in severe flood conditions incur severe losses
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The document is a compendium of all the guidelines and advisories issued by various ministries and departments of the Government of India for mitigation of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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The revision of the existing National Disaster Management Plan 2016 started in April, 2017 with a consultative workshop. This was followed by several rounds of extensive consultations internally and with different stakeholders and experts from different

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The report provides a detailed analysis of India’s expertise in establishing well-defined institutional systems, legislative, policy, and planning frameworks, improved early warning systems, technological advancements for disaster risk management.
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This assessment describes seven important climatic impact drivers for India, with a special focus on the districts Ahmadnagar, Amravati, Dhule, Jalna and Yavatmal in the state of Maharashtra and Mandla and Balaghat in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
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