Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale alteration of the Earth’s environment to mitigate climate change. Explore the suggested approaches and related governance and policy issues.

Saami reindeer herders and others say the technology to block a share of sunlight reaching Earth, in a bid to cool the planet, is too risky and does not respect nature.
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Should humans, whose fossil fueled society is driving climate change, use technology to put the brakes on global warming?
Michigan State University
Pressure by Saami indigenous people and environmentalists lies behind the decision to halt the controversial test, advocacy groups say.
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Researchers warn that over-optimistic expectations of climate engineering may reinforce the inertia with which industry and politics have been addressing decarbonisation.
Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies - Potsdam
POSTECH Professor Seung-Ki Min’s joint research team identifies the mechanism behind the reduction in precipitation after volcanic eruptions.
Pohang University of Science and Technology

In this study, the authors compared several climate model simulations and found that El Niño appeared in the year following a volcanic eruption in most models, with a significant drop in precipitation around the global monsoon region. In particular, the

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